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CHICKEN KORMA indian takeaway billericayindian takeaway billericay (mild special curry with coconut) £ 4.95
CHICKEN CURRY (medium curry with sauce) £ 4.95
CHICKEN MADRAS (fairly hot with sauce) £ 5.25
CHICKEN VINDALOO (very hot with sauce and potato) £ 5.25
CHICKEN CHILLI MASALLA (Spicy chicken in sauce with green chilli) £ 5.25
CHICKEN PHALL (extra hot with sauce) £ 5.25
CHICKEN AND MUSHROOM CURRY (Medium curry with mushroom) £ 5.25
CHICKEN EGG MASALLA (medium hot with egg & tomatoes) £ 5.25
CHICKEN LAL MIRCHI (Hot dish with thick sauce & dry red chillies) £ 5.25
CHICKEN BHUNA (spicy medium hot with gravy) £ 5.25
CHICKEN ROWGAN (well cooked with capsicum and tomato) £ 5.25
CHICKEN DUPIAZA (Served with capsicum & onion flavoured thick gravy) £ 5.25
CHICKEN & CAULIFLOWER (Medium hot with cauliflower in thick sauce) £ 5.25
CHICKEN CEYLON indian takeaway billericay (hot with coconut and sauce) £ 5.25
CHICKEN KORAI (with tomatoes and green peppers in a spicy sauce) £ 5.95
CHICKEN JALFREZI (hot spices with onion, capsicum and green chilli) £ 5.95
CHICKEN BOMBAY (Cooked with egg, tomato and potato) £ 5.95
CHICKEN SAG (medium with spinach) £ 5.95


Please note that some of our dishes contain dairy, nuts, eggs, mustard and other allergens. If you suffer from any food allergies, please make sure to inform a member of staff before you place your order. We will try our best to accommodate your needs.